Video Production Services

High Definition & 4K Video Production - San Antonio, Texas


Defining the target audience, message, and purpose gives us a great starting point in conceptualizing a vision that is unique, compelling and executable within your budget.


Our team shoots your video either on-location or in a controlled studio to light and capture compelling interviews, sound, b-roll, presentations, tours and processes.


We process the footage, edit sound bites, layout the sequence, mix audio, color grade and make hundreds of tiny creative decisions that will bring your story to life.

Business & Corporate

Every organization has a compelling story to tell.  We specialize in uncovering and delivering these stories artfully through interviews, candid b-roll, narrative sequences, photos, text, graphics, archival material, voiceover, music or all of the above.  Every business or nonprofit video profile we produce aims to help your audience:

  • Get a better idea of your purpose, processes and offerings.
  • Identify with your people and customers.
  • Understand why your organization is different
  • Choose your organization based on this story.

Event & Conference

The day of your event, you shouldn’t have to worry about the video production crew. Focal Media provides turn-key operation for clients looking to capture the excitement of an event or conference, without ‘one more thing’ to manage.

Our team works with you to understand your goals well in advance of shoot day, then we’re off to the races- managing schedule, locations, and interviews so you can get all the content, without the headache.

Ask us about our Live Streaming Services also.

Commercials, Advertising & Promotions

Whether you have a script, or need a creative idea for an ad, Cognitive Films is an Austin video production company that can write, produce and edit creative advertising campaigns, PSA’s, lifestyle spots and startup explainer videos.  From idea to launch, we handle all aspects of video production for ads and promo videos.

  • Research & creative treatment
  • Scriptwriting and storyboarding
  • Shooting & location sound
  • Editing & Post Production
  • Motion Graphics

Generate buzz with a creative video campaign or promotional video.

Aerial Drone Videography

Aerial video shots can add a fresh new perspective to your marketing collateral. In addition to your standard package of ground shots and higher altitude aerial “market shots”, low-altitude drone-based aerial video can complement your marketing package with more intimate “glamour shots”, giving your videos a more comprehensive look. Focal Media is fully licensed and certified under FAA Part 107 and can help you with drone-based aerial photography wherever it is legal to do so.

Whether its a sporting event, 5k race, concert, event, festival, music video, or a television ready commercial, we’ve got you covered. We have the equipment and resources to produce stunning aerial videos.

Commercial & Residential Real Estate

Without a doubt, video is one of the most powerful ways to market properties for sale or lease.  We can produce property shows and tours, testimonials and company profiles, or comprehensive documentary-style productions for communities.  We have worked with independent agents who want to showcase luxury listings to developers and agencies marketing large-scale projects.  Here are some of the goals we have been tasked with by our clients:

  • Depict real and desirable aspects of the lifestyle associated with the location.
  • Shoot interiors and exteriors with special regard to light, space and composition.
  • Capture authentic testimonials free from pretense.

Whether you are showcasing cities, communities, amenities or properties, a professionally produced video will attract more buyers.

Animation & Motion Graphics

There are a lot of words on the internet, some would say too many. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the loads of information out there, and sometimes we need to do a little less reading and a little more viewing. Motion graphics convey whatever information you need – complex science, company goals, business models, and more – in a visual language that everyone can understand. Crisp and appealing, motion graphics are the easy-to-understand Lego instructions of the video world. 

We can breathe life into your message – even without characters. Information, whether graphically represented or based on typography, can be animated to help your audience retain, spread, and enjoy your message. Whether it’s for a website, explainer video, trade show, corporate presentation, or viral marketing, motion graphics may be just the touch you need.

The Process


Get in touch and tell us about your project. The budget we propose for producing your video will be based on a few things: Type of video; Interviews vs scripted; Location of shoot; Size of crew; Editing hours. We can prepare an estimate fairly quickly.


After we decide on a scope, we start digging up the story. Depending on the nature of the video, we will develop the necessary story outlines, write and edit scripts or prepare relevant interview questions to guide the shoot. We schedule the production crew, on-camera talent, client collaborators, and shooting locations.


Whether it is run-n-gun documentary filming, in-depth interviews, or a scripted scene, our production crew is equipped to handle it. After footage has been captured, we start post production. This includes syncing, editing, music, titles, graphics, everything. Your initial cut is delivered and we always include 2 additional editing rounds in the budget for you to make sure you are happy with the final cut.


After approval we deliver the final HD video and provide web-optimized versions ready to upload to your hosting provider or social media channels. Depending on your needs, we can also design custom video cover images, host a branded video player, or assist with website integration.

We love to be part of the entire production process from beginning to end.

  • Creative consulting & scriptwriting
  • Story outlines & interview preparation
  • Production scheduling & coordination
  • Talent casting & location scouting
  • Shooting & audio recording
  • On-site interviews & b-roll
  • Street interviews & candid footage
  • Green screen & custom backdrops
  • Editing & post production
  • Motion graphics & typography
  • Logos, lower thirds & title design
  • Music curation & soundtracks
  • Color correction & grading
  • Custom video players
  • Custom video cover images & graphics
  • Website video headers
  • Website Integration & Distribution
  • Video libraries & e-learning platforms

So What's Next?

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